Some time ago, renting a car could only be done with a credit card. But times are changing and many car rental companies now allow you to Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check or even via EFT.


While you may not need a credit card, some companies will ask you to make a deposit before embarking on a pleasant journey. Some car rental companies will also perform a credit check to make sure you have the funds available to pay the rent.


Renting a car with a company like Sixt allows you to do so without a credit card or credit check. Keep reading to learn more about cash car rental in Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban and other important information to know.


Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check

If the rental company lends you a car to drive, they trust that you will bring it back in good condition. But if the vehicle is in an accident, it can cost the car rental business more than the down payment you paid upfront.


In the same way, if a driver gets a speeding ticket or fine a few months after the car is returned, they will lose money. By taking a client’s Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check or EFT card, they can charge the required amount to the credit card.


But if you pay with another payment method and you’ve got your deposit back, the rental company can’t charge you or guarantee there’s enough money on your debit card to pay the penalty or damage.


It’s better that you use a credit card to rent a car because you are protected against fraud, you can use bank money for deposits instead of yours and it’s much more convenient.


Running a Credit Check

If they Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check or EFT, they’re more likely to want to do a credit check. The company does this to ensure you currently have enough money in your bank account to pay for it.


By checking your credit, the company also knows how likely you are to repay your debt based on past credit transactions. If you pass the credit check, you will be able to use other means of payment besides a credit card.


But remember that the company will still want you to pay a deposit which they will return to you if you bring the car back in proper condition.


Some companies are less concerned about credit checks. There are car rental places that will even rent to you if you are blacklisted.

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Car Hire Without Credit Card

There are three different ways to use your credit card to Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check. First, you need to find a company, such as Sixt Car Hire, that will place your deposit on a debit card.


Note that the deposit can sometimes be very high and around three times the rental price. If you plan to use a debit card, you need to make sure that there is enough money for the deposit.


The second method can be used if the person traveling with you has a credit card. You can then rent a car with the person’s card and name.


The last way is to take extra cover. Many businesses will offer the option of taking out additional insurance coverage and reducing the need for a security deposit. This works because if there is any damage to the car, the insurance company will pay you.


Then they have to accept the debit card in the driver’s name. But rental car insurance can be expensive, but you can read more about it here.

7 Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check Cheap Price.
Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check

There is No Cheap Car Hire with No Deposit

With or without a credit card, the Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check. Usually, this is ordered on your credit card. This means it will take money from your available credit but not actually charge you.


You can think of it as your money being held or put on hold. In this way, you will not be charged interest on the amount. And when you return the car (without damage, fines, or tickets), the reserved limit will be released.


Unfortunately, there is no way to get around the deposit. Whether you pay by credit or debit card, cash, or EFT, you will still be required to pay a security deposit.


As mentioned earlier, a deposit on your rental car is there to cover damages, fines, or tickets. This is usually held for about seven days after the vehicle is returned. Then the amount is paid back to your account.


Some car rental companies will also charge you a fuel deposit. It includes a full tank of gas. If you return the car with an empty tank, the deposit will be used to cover the cost of gas.


But if you return the vehicle with a full tank, the security deposit will be returned to you.


Supporting Documentation

Most car rental companies require two forms of your identification, your passport or ID and your driver’s license. Car rental companies usually prefer clients to have a driver’s license for two years and be over a certain age.


As the world has become so adaptive to technology, most cars can be booked for rent online. You must also show your booking confirmation and security deposit.


Finally, some businesses will require travelers to show proof of their return ticket before they allow you to rent a car without a credit card and sometimes even without a deposit.

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Final thoughts on Cash Cars for Hire

Do you need a Rent a Car without a Credit Card or Credit Check in Cape Town, or the rest of South Africa? No problem. You can use several different payment methods, including; debit card, cash, or electronic bank transfer. While most car rentals require you to pay a deposit, this can be charged to your debit card.


Most major car rental companies will accept debit cards in lieu of credit cards. There are a few caveats to heed. For starters, many of them require you to be at least 25 years old and will run a credit check before letting you rent a car.


Companies like Avis also limit the types of vehicles you can rent, with high-end options off-limits. Be sure to check the requirements of Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check before booking with a debit card.


1. Alamo

Alamo accepts debit cards at the airport rental counter if you provide proof of return journey and agree to pay a $200 refundable deposit.


2. Avis

Avis has some limitations when it comes to Renting a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check. While you can pay rent with a debit card, some locations still require you to show a credit card to secure the rental.


For example, Avis locations in the Tri-State, Philadelphia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Hartford, CT areas do not accept debit cards. Other restrictions include the following:

  • The tenant must be at least 25 years old
  • Credit check required
  • There is no rental from Avis Select Series


3. Budget

Budget accepts debit cards for reservations if you are at least 25 years old. There are some locations that don’t allow debit payments, so be sure to confirm this beforehand. As with other Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check, you must factor in a refundable security deposit of at least $100 when paying with your debit card.


Dollar car rental has slightly looser rules for renting a car without a credit card. You will not undergo a credit check and the company accepts debit cards for non-premium or luxury rentals as long as you book the car 24 hours before pick up.


However, you can get around this requirement by showing a valid ID and proof of round-trip travel. Keep in mind that you will be charged the entire rental fee upfront, along with a $200 deposit.


4. Company

Enterprise allows you to Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check at the airport location, assuming you have proof of return journey and can cover all costs plus a $200 deposit. You will not be able to add additional drivers, even if your spouse or partner is allowed to drive the vehicle.


At non-airport locations, you will face some strict requirements if you pay with a debit card. For starters, not all locations accept debit cards; and those who do may ask for a copy of your utility bill, recent payslip, proof of insurance, and references. You will also have to pay the full rental fee, along with a deposit which can take up to 20 days to return.


5. Hertz

Hertz allows you to Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check if it is saved to your profile. Rental locations may also run a credit check. At the airport location, you must also provide two valid forms of ID and proof of return journey.


If you don’t meet these criteria, you can still pay your rent with a debit card if you present your credit card at check-in. Since Hertz charges deposits ranging from $900-$2,000, it’s probably best not to leave these funds (temporarily) out of your checking account.


6. National Car Rental

National only accepts Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check made at airport locations and only if you can provide proof of round trip travel.


A $200 deposit will be required, along with the cost of the entire rental. When renting with a debit card, National will not allow you to add additional drivers to your reservation, which can be an inconvenience if you are traveling long distances.


7. Sixty

Sixt accepts debit cards for car rentals under 28 days if you select the “Pay Later” option when booking and present two forms of ID.


If you are not a local resident, you will not be able to rent premium and luxury cars and you will have to provide proof of round trip travel at the airport location.


If you are a local tenant, Sixt’s requires you to present a copy of the most recent utility bill that matches the information on your driver’s license.

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Cheap Car Rental

Like Avis, Thrifty accepts debit cards if you book your reservation at least 24 hours in advance. You’ll need two forms of ID, proof of itineraries, and a $200 refundable deposit plus the entire rental fee.


If you are a member of the Blue Chip Thrifty rewards program, the $200 deposit is ignored, assuming you have added a debit card to your online profile.


The final word

There are many ways to get around the need to Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check. This can be as easy as finding the right car rental service or showing proof of round trip tickets or booking with your travel partner’s credit card. If you’re new to credit cards, read this article on how to manage your credit.


Which car rental company does not require a credit card?

Dollar car rental has slightly more lax rules for renting a car without a credit card. You won’t undergo a credit check and the company accepts debit cards for non-premium or luxury rentals as long as you book your car 24 hours before pick-up.


Can I use a cash app card to rent a car?

You can only rent a car with a Cash App card if the rental company accepts Visa debit cards. If they do, you will also need to provide three forms of identification, plus two forms that will verify your address such as bills or bank statements.


Who is the easiest to rent a car from?

SIXT is one of the most renowned car rentals across the world and most definitely also one of the easiest and fastest car rental companies in the US. If you are looking to make an entry in style, SIXT is your company because they provide the most premium cars at affordable rates.


Is it possible to rent a car without a credit card?

In the United States and Canada, debit or check cards can be used at the end of the Rent a Car without Credit Card or Credit Check. Prepaid debit/gift cards are also accepted as a form of payment at the time of car return.

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