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Restaurant Equipment Auction Anaheim


Every Monday, our company holds an auction in our 15,000-square-foot showroom. You can count on us for a large inventory of equipment from pizzerias, local cafes, breweries, bakeries, and other eateries. Feel free to check out some of our featured products below.


In addition, we purchased the Restaurant Equipment Auction Anaheim from closing the restaurant. Let our team know if you’re interested in selling, and we’ll give you details about our process. You can always count on our professional staff to provide you with great customer service, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Best Choice for Restaurant Equipment Auction

For entrepreneurs looking to open new restaurants for home cooks looking for new equipment, Dakil Auctioneers is Anaheim City’s best choice for restaurant equipment auctions. As one of the largest auction houses in the state, we have consistent access to restaurants liquidating their used equipment as well as new restaurant equipment.


For restaurants that need to liquidate old equipment or suppliers who need to sell excess new inventory, our auctions allow you to sell your restaurant equipment quickly and effectively.


Buy the Latest and Greatest Equipment

Savvy restaurateurs know that you don’t always have to buy the latest and greatest equipment to run a successful restaurant. Stoves, ovens, walk-ins, etc. that are rarely used will work just as well as new appliances.

Restaurant Equipment Auction Los Angeles with Low Price

Our restaurant auctions provide a place for current and prospective business owners to find quality used restaurant equipment. But our auctions aren’t just for those in the restaurant industry. Home cooks can find many restaurant-quality appliances for their kitchens.


Find a Large Selection of Restaurant Equipment

At our restaurant equipment auctions, you can usually find a large selection of restaurant equipment such as:

  1. Cutlery
  2. Gas and electric range
  3. Heavy-duty pots and pans
  4. oven
  5. Shelves and shelves
  6. Signs
  7. Tables and chairs
  8. Direct Cooling
  9. And much more!


Restaurant Equipment Auction

If you’d like to bid at one of our restaurant equipment auctions, browse our upcoming auctions page. And be sure to read our blog post, Restaurant Equipment Auction Anaheim: What you need to know.


If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen or sell your old equipment, we can help you make money from your used restaurant equipment. With over 30 successful years in the auction industry, Dakil has a dedicated network of interested buyers throughout the state of Anaheim.


How to buy Anaheim Restaurant Equipment Auction

Our extensive auction gallery accommodates up to 500 bidders and provides a climate-controlled environment to conduct our internal auctions. Bidders are equipped with theater-sized screens and the latest audio and video technology to provide clear and concise information about the items being sold with virtual inspection of merchandise during live sales.


Through the use of industry-standard auction software, we are able to expand the reach of buyers worldwide through simulcast online bidding, which provides a live audio and video feed of the auction as well as images of multiple items from the comfort of one’s home. or office.


Dakil covers an area of 15,000 square meters. ft. warehouse built with wall to wall, multi-level pallet rack. This allows secure storage for upcoming auction items and also serves as a display space for current inventory. Equipped with two standard docking bay doors and a loading machine for quick and easy unloading of purchased merchandise.


Our exclusive inventory system ensures efficient processing of all inventory from arrival, to auction day, to deletion. This space allows the sale and storage of weather-sensitive items on-site and also serves as a secure area for pre-auction inspections.


Our fenced 8.5 hectares auction site is capable of storing hundreds of vehicles and heavy construction equipment. It has a separate standard pier height loading ramp with heavy load forklifts for easy transport of large machinery. This auction house has become our quarterly heavy Restaurant Equipment Auction Anaheim and machinery auction house, serving contractors, companies, and organizations such as OG&E, Anaheim Natural Gas, City of Anaheim City, and many others.


The traditional way to buy a home involves searching property listings and working with a real estate agent. But you can also buy a house at auction. Real estate auctions can benefit both buyers and sellers. However, many people think it’s not an option if they don’t have the liquid assets to buy the property outright. Here’s more about real estate auctions and how you can participate even if you don’t have any cash.


Most homes are auctioned for two reasons—either the owner defaults on their mortgage and ends up in foreclosure, or the owner doesn’t pay property taxes, so their home is foreclosed. Some housing auctions also occur because sellers want a quick and cost-effective alternative to the often protracted process of selling a home on the market.

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Pros and Cons of Buying Anaheim Auction Restaurant Equipment

When deciding how much to bid, consider the selling value of similar homes in the area. Then, leave room for necessary repairs and other related costs, such as title insurance, closing costs, auction fees, interest and bank penalties, attorney’s fees, sales fees, and property preparation costs. Don’t let your emotions convince you to bid higher than the wise buy threshold.



  1. You can expand your options beyond the homes listed on the market.
  2. You may get a great house for a very low price.
  3. You face less competition at auction than buying a home the traditional way.



  1. Auctions are riskier than buying property through the usual means.
  2. Auctions attract different groups of buyers, meaning you will be dealing with experienced investors with a lot of money.
  3. There are no home inspections, and homes are sold as-is, making it possible to bid more on abandoned properties.


At Dakil Auctioneers, Inc., we strive to limit surprises on auction day. That’s why we hold open houses for all of our properties so potential buyers can see what they have to offer. This is different from many auction houses which do not provide a legal way to view the interior in person before bidding begins.


Buying a Restaurant Equipment Auction Anaheim property usually requires you to have cash. In fact, you may have to submit a 5% or 10% refundable deposit just to register and participate in the auction. (At Dakil, we require a 5% down payment by cash or cashier’s check.) Usually, the person who bids the highest amount must immediately pay for the property in full.

Because of this, bidders at real estate auctions are often practiced investors who have the cash to buy a home upfront. However, certain auction houses allow financed purchases, including Dakil. You just need to secure financing beforehand.


Be aware that conventional bank financing is usually not a viable method of buying an auction house. Most mortgage lenders will not finance a fixer-upper, and it is unlikely that your application will be processed before the auction closes. You may have the option of securing a conventional mortgage month from now, but you will need a different form of financing initially.


Payment options when purchasing the Anaheim Restaurant Equipment Auction

Here are your options for buying a house at auction for no cash:

Owner financing is an agreement between the buyer and seller. The arrangement allows buyers to make small monthly payments over an extended period.


Delayed financing is when you buy a home upfront and immediately refinance it to take equity back, which you can then use to repay the loan you took out to fund the initial purchase.


  1. A line of credit functions similar to a credit card, but without the plastic. Lines of credit can be secured or unsecured, which affects the loan amount and interest rate you may qualify for.
  2. A personal loan from a traditional bank or other lender is similar to a regular mortgage, but without collateral, so the interest rate may be higher.
  3. Hard cash loans are short-term, high-interest loans that are suitable for property owners who repair homes, resell them quickly, and pocket a profit after paying off the loan.
  4. A personal money loan is an alternative financing method that involves borrowing cash from friends, family, or peer-to-peer lending sites.


Check Our Upcoming Auction Page

Dakil is the premier auction house operating in the Anaheim City metro area. If you would like to try buying a property at auction, we invite you to attend our online and in-person real estate auctions which are held up to once a month. Check out our Restaurant Equipment Auction Anaheim auction page and real estate sales page to stay up to date. You can also call us at (405) 458-1645 for more information about selling your home at auction.


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