Shipment Forwarded To Destination in the JNE Delivery Process

Shipment Forwarded To Destination in the JNE Delivery Process

Shipment Forwarded To Destination and if you often use JNE delivery services for package delivery services, you will find Shipment Forwarded to Destination when checking receipts. Of course, many people ask why the statement is like that. So what does it actually mean? Here we discuss it for you.


Shipment Forwarded To Destination 

Shipment forwarded to destination means that the order has arrived at the destination city or warehouse for each city and is ready to be forwarded to the nearest JNE AGENT.


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For example, a shipment from Jakarta to Magelang. If the delivery status of Arti Shipment Forwarded to Destination appears, the package will automatically be in Semarang and will be forwarded to JNE Magelang and then delivered by courier to the recipient’s address.


The meaning of JNE status has been discussed previously in full, but this is the next discussion for each status to make it easier to understand.


Example of JNE Shipment status forwarded to the destination

Several cases of JNE status with Shipment forwarded to destination were found. And we write this down with its meaning.

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Shipment forwarded to destination Tangerang hub Banmas

This means that the package from the city of Tangerang will be forwarded to the JNE BANMAS branch or agent before being delivered to the recipient’s address.


Shipment forwarded to destination do east rider

This means that the package from East Bandung is being forwarded to the recipient’s address by the courier.


Shipment forwarded to destination do north rider

meaning that the package is forwarded from North Bandung to the recipient’s address by the JNE courier.


Shipment forwarded to destination Surabaya or Utara

This means that the package is being forwarded by a courier from Surabaya to the recipient’s address via the northern part.


How long does it take for Shipment forwarded to the destination to arrive?

This is also what many ask when JNE receipt status shows shipment forwarded to the destination.


For a normal time, it only takes 1 day to get to the recipient’s address, but for delivery problems, whether it’s an unclear address or a number that can’t be contacted, it can take more time. Well, that’s our brief explanation for the meaning of the status of shipment forwarded to destination in JNE delivery.


Don’t be afraid the package won’t come, because everyone can complain on time.

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Meaning of Shipment Forwarded to Destination JNE & Length of Time

Are you waiting for a package from JNE? When you check the receipt, it turns out that the status is still Shipment Forwarded to Destination? As one of the best freight forwarding services in Indonesia, JNE makes it easy for us to check the package status through their receipt check website.


At the JNE REG, Express, or JTR receipt check facility there are several terms that indicate the delivery status. Of course, these terms are different from other shipping services. One of them is the status above.


What is JNE Shipment Forwarded to Destination?

The meaning of shipment forwarded to destination is that the package is on its way to the destination city. This means that the package is still on its way to the receiving city’s warehouse or JNE branch.


This status generally appears on shipments from out of town. If the delivery destination is only in the same city, of course, there is no information on that status. So you could say that the status indicates that the package has not yet arrived at the JNE warehouse or branch in the recipient city.


Thus, if we intend to take the package ourselves to a JNE branch or warehouse in our city, of course, it still cannot be done. Well, from this explanation usually a question arises.

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How long will it take for the package to arrive after the Shipment Forwarded to Destination status?

Generally, the package will arrive at the recipient’s address within 1 to 2 days after the status appears. Based on my personal experience most packages arrive within 1 day. But there are also 2 days but it is very rare. Keep in mind that Sundays and holidays do not count.


If the delivery process does not experience problems then the next stage or status should be Received At Warehouse. After that, the next stage or status is With Delivery Courier. Now at this stage, the courier sends the package to our house. After we receive the package, the next status will be DELIVERED TO.


Then what if it turns out that the package has not arrived within 2 days after the status appears? We recommend that you adjust it again with the official estimate from JNE. If it still hasn’t exceeded the official JNE time estimate, you should be patient first.


However, if it has exceeded the official time estimate from JNE, please contact customer service from JNE by phone or Twitter at @jnecare. Usually, we will be asked to state the receipt number when asking about the status of our package.



Shipment Forwarded to Destination is not a package status that indicates a delivery problem or problem. The status is normal as the delivery process.


So it’s best to be patient for 1 to 2 more days. If the shipment has not arrived after exceeding the estimated time given by JNE, we must actively ask for the status of our package.

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