Snack Wholesale Distributors, Healthy Snacks mean different things to different people – that’s why we pack a variety of healthy snack products that are fat-free, have no added salt or sugar, and are low in carbohydrates, calories, or sodium.


We work with all of our customers to ensure a successful product launch, and follow up with ongoing support. With such a broad product lineup, we can consistently add new items that make the line look fresh to your customers.


Merchandisers are available that highlight product lines and our shipper displays offer everything we pack as “in and out” or seasonal quick sales.


Snack Wholesale Distributors


Excellent wholesale snack price points mean excellent profits and fast turnover for wholesalers and retailers. We work with industry knowledgeable brokers who call on wholesale and retail customers.


Need a private label designed especially for you? Call our sales department Snack Wholesale Distributors today and we’ll get started. We will match the right product with the packaging that will create a unique private label snack line with your signature.


From the entry of your order to delivery at your dock, Mister Snacks is a leading distributor of healthy snacks committed to providing friendly support and advice, order accuracy, and damage-free delivery.


Our fast turnaround times ensure that you never miss a delivery to your customer. Call us or call us at 1-800-333-6393 with any questions.

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Independent Route Distributors

Want to increase your profit per stop by $50.00 to $100.00?

Mister Snacks is a vending wholesale distributor who can offer you a high-quality line of healthy vending machine snacks with products that get you fast turnaround and repeat sales.


Our extensive product line includes Trail Mix, Savory Snacks, Chocolate Coated Nuts & Fruits & Yogurt, Gummy Candy, Licorice, and High-Quality Nuts Line. Our broad and unique product line will stand out from the rest in your market.


We keep our minimums low and we will amaze you with fast turnaround times. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales department can provide you with expertise in product selection and merchandising ideas.


We provide many merchandising opportunities including clip strips, counter display boxes, shipper displays, and small footprint shelving – for floors and counters. Call us or call us at 1-800-333-6393 with any questions.


Gift Shop Wholesale Snack Food Distributors

If your customers are looking for wholesale gift shop merchandise on the go, look no further than Mister Snacks.


They will recognize the clear packaging and attractive labels and they each have a favorite from the wide variety of snacks we offer.


You will see repeat sales and you will enjoy responsive and helpful customer service. Call us or call us at 1-800-333-6393 with any questions.


Best Source of Wholesale Snacks

Save big on the snacks that your customers want. Tasty name-brand snacks are essential items for dollar stores, supermarkets, & wholesalers to offer as a part of their assortment of food. Bargain Wholesale has a large inventory of wholesale snacks including chips, cookies, crackers, popcorn, mixed nuts, & fruit cups.


Don’t forget to check out our selection of almonds, cashews, & peanuts for great resale value. All of our snacks are purchased in bulk volume so that you can pass on bigger savings to your customers. We’re the source for snack wholesale distributors, snack suppliers, & bulk snack buyers.


As a US-based distributor of snack foods, Bargain Wholesale purchases salty snacks, cookies, nuts, & chips in bulk. With tremendous buying power and multiple distribution centers, our snack pricing sets the market, and supply is deep enough to fulfill large orders.


Many of our snack items have been imported or sourced domestically to give you the best quality and selection. All snacks are distributed from the manufacturer and available for purchase by the case, pallet, or truckload. Contact Us today for bulk container discounts and special pricing!

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BW Advantage

Best Value Wholesale

Sourcing high-quality wholesale & general merchandise


FREE Membership

Take advantage of volume discounts with no membership fees


Personalized Service

An account executive is on hand to help with products, purchases, and shipping. During registration, we ask you to complete a certificate of resale. This is required for U.S. customers. Who wants tax exemption in the U.S. Download the resale form required by your state and upload it to your account.


If you are a nonprofit or individual buyer, you can still buy from us as long as your order exceeds the minimum quantity. After signing up, you can save your shopping cart, create support tickets, & submit orders.



The minimum online order is $2,500. Before shipping your order, upload a resale certificate to your account to avoid shipping delays. Once we receive your order, a sales representative will be assigned to your account and provide you with payment and shipping details.



We accept all forms of payment including cash, credit card, ACH, and wire transfer. If you wish to pay by credit card, you must complete a credit card authorization form and fax it: 323-307-9637. For more information about payment, call: 323-881-9940


Delivery or Pickup

Our customers benefit from free shipping offers and discounted orders across the US.


If you are shipping internationally or prefer to use your own carrier, free pickup from our distribution centers in Los Angeles & Houston. Get Directions to our Warehouse For more information on shipping, read our shipping policies


Inventory Information

Inventory is held in our warehouses in California and Texas. Depending on the Snack Wholesale Distributors you select during registration will determine product availability. Inventories from both warehouses cannot be filled in the same order. Inventory quantities can change rapidly due to market conditions.


The product is sold with the case as the packaging from the manufacturer. The number of units per box can be found in the item list. Example (CA:12). Some products come in various sizes eg: (multiple colors, designs, or sizes). In addition, products over $1 have a retail price on the packaging in the form of a sticker or print.


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