Synthetic rattan chairs are starting to be liked by many people because of their low prices. Interested in this one furniture? Come on, see the recommendations for synthetic rattan below! Usually, chairs made of artificial rattan are made for patio chairs or outdoor chairs.

This is because the artificial rattan on the chair frame is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry if the chair is exposed to dust, rain, or dirt. The various chair colors also allow people to choose the color they want.

However, what is the difference between synthetic rattan and natural rattan?

Come on, see the difference between synthetic and natural rattan and the price of cheap synthetic rattan chairs in this review.

What is Poly Rattan Furniture? What is Synthetic Rattan?

Synthetic Rattan Chair Recommendations


Synthetic Rattan Woven Sender Chair (IDR103,500)

This chair is suitable for storage as a patio chair or a chair at the dining table.

With a price of IDR 100,000, you already get 2 sender chairs and 1 table.

There are 2 color variants that you can choose from, namely light brown and dark brown.


Synthetic Hawaiian Terrace Chairs (IDR.635,000)

For IDR. 600 thousand, you already get 2 chairs, 1 table, and cushions or seats. There are various color variants that you can choose from, from green to white. Because it is made from synthetic rattan, this product is durable and anti-creeping.


Synthetic Terrace Chairs (IDR805,000)

This one patio chair looks unique because of its round shape. The striking colors can make your terrace look brighter and cheerful. The plastic material in this product makes the chairs easier to clean.


Synthetic Sakura Patio Chairs (IDR.885,000)

This chair is made from a combination of synthetic and natural rattan. Original rattan is made as a chair frame so that the chair becomes stronger and stronger. For IDR. 800 thousand, you already get 2 patio chairs, 1 table, and a seat or chair seat.


Synthetic Barrel Chair (IDR 1,050,000)

There are various color variants so you can choose a chair color that matches your home. This one chair can make the terrace of the house look more beautiful and charming.

This chair frame is made of real rattan so that the chair is more durable and not easily damaged.


Synthetic Rattan Guest Chairs (IDR 1,300,000)

This chair with a Hawaiian design is made of mahogany wood while the outside is made of synthetic rattan. With a price of IDR 1 million, you have got 2 single chairs, 1 double chair, and 1 table. You can also order seats in the color you want.


Hanging Swing Lounge Chair (IDR1,399,000)

This one chair is suitable for storage either on the terrace, balcony or in the house. This product is also sturdy and can support a weight of up to 150 kg. The synthetic rattan material in this product makes it easier to clean.

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The Difference Between Synthetic Rattan Chairs and Natural Rattan Chairs

  1. The difference between these two chairs is in the material they are made of.
  2. Natural rattan chairs are made of quality rattan wood, so the product manufacturing process is quite long.
  3. The long time of manufacture makes natural rattan chairs quite expensive.
  4. Because it is made of natural rattan, this furniture is not suitable for storage outdoors because it can get damp when exposed to direct rainwater.
  5. However, many people like natural rattan chairs because of their unique and classy appearance.
  6. Meanwhile, synthetic rattan chairs are made of plastic which is formed as closely as possible to rattan.
  7. Because the material is made of plastic, this chair is easier to clean and can withstand various types of weather.
  8. This plastic material makes the price of synthetic rattan furniture cheaper.

Hopefully, the information is useful