China Approves 3 Traditional Medicines for Covid-19 Treatment

China Approves 3 Traditional Medicines for Covid-19 Treatment

Traditional Medicines for Covid – China has approved 3 traditional Chinese medicinal products or better known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to be sold to help treat Covid-19. This was the announcement of the Chinese National Medical Products Agency.


The agency is using a special approval procedure to give the green light to three traditional medicinal products, which provide more options for the treatment of Covid-19.


The herbal products come in granular form and trace their origins to ancient Chinese recipes, said a statement from the Chinese National Medical Products Agency. They were developed from TCM treatments that were used at the start of the pandemic, but the products have been screened by many academics and experts at the forefront.

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The three TCM products are pulmonary cleansing and detoxifying granules, moisture and detoxifying granules, and lung detoxifying and diffusing granules.

The safety and effectiveness of TCM are still being debated in China. Although many treatments in TCM have been used for hundreds of years, critics argue that there is no verifiable scientific evidence to support their intended benefits.

In recent years, ancient medicine has repeatedly been hailed as a source of national pride by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is also a well-known supporter of TCM. Traditional medicine is a treasure of Chinese civilization that embodies the wisdom of the nation and its people, “Xi said at a national conference at TCM in October 2019.


During the outbreak, Xi repeatedly urged doctors to treat patients with a mixture of Chinese and Western medicine. Tens of thousands of Covid-19 patients received herbal treatments along with major antiviral drugs last year, according to China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

By adjusting the health of the whole body and enhancing immunity, TCM can help stimulate the patient’s ability to fight and recover from disease, which is an effective way of therapy, “said Yu Yanhong, deputy head of the National Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Agency in March 2020 ago.


In a clinical trial of 102 patients with mild symptoms in Wuhan, patients with combined care were compared to a control group of patients who received only Western medicine, said Yu, their recovery rate was 33% higher.

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