The Potential of Uranium Content in Indonesia Is 7,000 Tons

The total potential content of Uranium in Indonesia is 7,000 tons

The National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) recently explored radioactive minerals (nuclear minerals) in several regions in Indonesia. The result found a number of potential uranium in several places.

Previously, the findings of uranium mineral potential had been found by BATAN in the Kalan area, Melawi, West Kalimantan.

Uranium in Indonesia To Reach 7,000 Tons

Apart from Kalan, there are several other areas that have the potential to contain uranium, such as in the Province of Bangka Belitung Islands, Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi, Sibolga North Sumatra, and Biak Papua. BATAN calculates the potential amount of uranium in Indonesia to reaching 7,000 tons.

“The total potential content in Indonesia is 7,000 tons. It exists in various places in Mamuju, Kalan, Papua, and others. What is certain is that it is in Kalan,” explained the Head of Pusdiklat Batan Sudi Ariyanto when contacted by Poil Indonesia.

The Largest Uranium Producer in Indonesia is Mamuju Sulawesi

The Nuclear Extraction Technology Center

In seeking uranium potential in Indonesia, BATAN is also assisted by other agencies which also help map the potential for uranium in Indonesia.

“There is a special center that discusses the name of the Nuclear Extraction Technology Center. It deals with the problem of finding the potential for uranium and mapping Indonesia,” said Sudi.

Processing Uranium Mining Goods

Given the long process of processing uranium mining goods, BATAN is still continuing to carry out studies and research related to the development of one of these nuclear fuels.

“This is like rocks, ore rocks. The uranium in the rock will be processed into a yellow powder called yellowcake and then processed again into nuclear fuel,” explained Sudi.

Uranium in Indonesia Can Be Developed

He hopes that the use of uranium in Indonesia can be developed again. So that the benefits can be felt by many people, especially for nuclear fuel.

“Hopefully later we can find out more with certainty how many. Until now there is no plan to exploit it, it is still research exploration,” added Sudi.

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