Vegan Leather Bag – The luxury fashion house Hermes will replace the leather for making their bags by using mushrooms. It will become a ‘vegan’ leather material in the fashion industry.

Reported Business of Fashion, this French label pioneered the use of mushroom-based “leather” as an alternative to genuine leather. The mushroom used is a new form of Mycelium mushroom produced by California start-up MycoWorks.

The bag that will be made with mushroom-based ingredients is one of Hermes’ classic designs, the Victoria Bag. It’s just that Hermes confirms, that they will not lose his iconic leather bag.

Citing various sources, the skin made from this fungus is made from the vegetative part of the fungus which is made of a collection of hyphae (similar to branching threads). This bag is made from Sylvania, a form of extra-fine mycelium, patented by MycoWorks, which increases the potential of the mushroom-based material as a viable alternative to traditional leather.

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“MycoWorks vision and values ​​echo the views and values ​​of Hermès, a strong fascination with natural raw materials and their transformations, seeking excellence, with the aim of ensuring that objects are best utilized and long-lived. With Sylvania, Hermès has always been an innovation in manufacturing,” Pierre -Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès quoted from Highsnobiety.

Hermes has so far weathered the coronavirus pandemic better than its competitors, with sales recovering in the latter part of 2020 thanks to strong performance in Asia and surging online revenue.