WhatsApp Trials New Feature: Automatically Delete Photos in Chats

WhatsApp Trials New Feature Automatically Delete Photos in Chats

WhatsApp Trials New Feature – The WhatsApp messaging application is reportedly testing the new self-destructing photos feature. With this, photos that will be sent by users can be deleted automatically.


This feature was revealed by the popular WhatsApp leaker. Through their Twitter account, WABetaInfo uploaded a screenshot showing that a photo will disappear when the recipient opens it and leaves the conversation.


In the displayed photo, the message sender has the option to set a timer that will delete the photo. Photos that are sent do not show a preview like the current one, but the user must open the file first.

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After the file is opened, they will be shown a column containing the media that will disappear when leaving the chat room. The photo also cannot be saved to the user’s gallery or sent back to another WhatsApp account.


Furthermore, WABetaInfo also said WhatsApp had not implemented a screenshot detection yet. Thus, users may still be able to save photos sent via screenshots before they are completely deleted.


The automatic photo deletion feature is said to be similar to the View Once in Instagram direct messages. On this platform, users can set a timer that is used when they send photos, whether they want to be viewed permanently or only seen once.


Apart from that, this feature is also similar to Secret Chat on Telegram. The difference is, Secret Chat does not only set automatic deletion for photos, but for the entire conversation so that it cannot be a screenshot.


WABetaInfo said that this self-destructing photos feature will be available for iOS and Android users

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