Wholesale Produce Distributors have four important things to know when choosing a product company. When it comes to distributing fresh fruits and vegetables, wholesale product distributors are really the heart of this business.


Far from being one link in the chain, a truly good wholesale product distributor brings stability to the retail system through proper pricing protocols to ensure that quality goods reach from farm to table all year round.


Wholesale Produce Distributors


North Bay Produce is one such distributor, a farmer-owned cooperative that is quickly becoming the leading Wholesale Produce Distributors worldwide. More than just price, NBP has earned fans and customers globally through four critical components of their business operations:



NBP knows the territory. Extensive experience in the areas we cover allows us to maintain a smooth and continuous service that benefits all involved. Globally, we know retailers; their needs want, and expectations.


We closely monitor industry trends and understand ways to stay ahead and manage anticipated products on the path of collaboration. Make no mistake, a detailed understanding of these markets is a commodity that can make the difference between smooth planning and tense scrambles.

Highest Quality Fresh Products

On a wholesale basis, quality and reputation equate to success. To achieve and maintain this goal, North Bay Produce builds close relationships with our retail customers, encouraging viewing and tasting of fresh fruit and vegetables before purchasing, while simultaneously working within a cooperative family to provide the best quality asparagus, apples, blackberries, blueberries, french, nuts, raspberries, sugar chickpeas, snow peas, strawberries, and more.

Equally important, North Bay Produce has a dedicated Food Safety and Quality Team on-site to help our farms meet the extremely high standards of even the world’s most critical customers.

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By applying this impactful methodology, we have built a reputation and expectation from our customers for providing the best fresh produce available. Through effort and experience, North Bay Produce has become a rare business that is an asset to all involved in the fresh farm food supply chain.

Supply Balance

Due to the seasonal nature of farming, managing crops can be a tricky dance. NBP knows our market from a macro and micro perspective and understands demand so we know when to intervene and prevent a destructive surplus. Crucial to this effort is our MidAmerica Airport Warehouse.


Uniquely located in Mascoutah, IL, and as one of twelve USDA Certified Cold Treatment Facilities in the entire United States and one of only two adjacent to a full-size runway that can accommodate aircraft of any size, this fresh produce distribution center delivers we have a huge advantage over competitors by providing a location where our products can be trucked to 90% of the US and Canadian population in 18 hours or less, and shipped by air to anywhere on the planet.


Through a coordinated balance of farming, warehouse, and refrigerated transport, we are able to minimize product wastage, yet be agile enough to pivot towards increasing quantity in the event of higher demand. Again this benefits all parties involved and provides excellent long-term stability.


About Us

Wholesale Produce Distributors, North Bay is a cooperative of more than 32 farmer-owners from North, Central, and South America, producing fresh fruits and vegetables year-round – from asparagus to apples, berries and snow peas & sugar. Headquartered in Traverse City, the northwest corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula, the international company markets and distributes products worldwide.


Why Choose Wholesale Products Supply?

Wholesale Produce Supply is one of the largest product distributors in the Upper Midwest and Canada, operating since 1964.


Over time, we have built our reputation by combining outstanding customer service with unmatched reliability and integrity. At the core of our business, we focus on building strong relationships with our farmers and most importantly our customers – you.


As our company grows, our commitment has not changed – we listen to our customers and provide solutions. Today we pride ourselves on offering our customers premium brands and efficient service, meeting your urgent needs on time, every time.


How do We deliver?

Our distribution frequency ensures the freshest products. We have daily inbound shipments from all major growth regions and daily Wholesale Produce Distributors to a distribution network of eleven states including the two main Canadian provinces.


In addition to supply chain efficiency, cold chain integrity is equally important in maintaining quality and freshness. In Wholesale Products Supply:

Our trucks are equipped with the most advanced technology to help our drivers avoid bad weather, accidents, and construction delays.

Multi-temperature trailers ensure product temperature specifications are maintained across multiple commodities.

Our supply chain flexibility allows customization and creative solutions to fit your needs. We work with our customers to provide the following specialized services:

LTL Logistics

Forward Distribution

Direct Freight Consolidation / Direct Deduction

Backhaul Integration


Who Do We Serve?


In the hospitality industry, every detail matters a lot. At ZA Specialty Foods, we pay attention to every detail to help provide you with industry-leading solutions. We specialize in the culinary industry and provide hotels to find solutions for their culinary needs and hospitality management companies. ZA Specialty Foods is a proud supplier of products from the Hilton hotel chain.


We provide our services to chefs and hotel foodservice operators throughout our country. Our company sources delicious fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world and from local farmers’ markets for optimal freshness and exotic flavors. We are always on the lookout for new items following market trends that will stimulate your creativity and the tastes of your customers. We have a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to choose from in a variety of sizes, grades, and levels of ripeness.



As a family-owned company, ZA Specialty Foods understands how important education is for our children. That’s why we’re committed to donating 1% of resale to the schools we partner with. Because we value education, and we believe that children are our future.

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At ZA Specialty Foods we know that one of the most important things for restaurant owners is to have a variety of delicious dishes for their menu cooked daily in a safe environment. Therefore, we provide our restaurant with a wide variety of fresh produce. We provide restaurants with a complete selection of only the best quality organic and conventional products.


Our team is committed to serving our retail customers with excellent quality and outstanding service—no matter how big or small their business is. We fulfill our retailer orders quickly by delivering orders overnight with fast delivery. Our broad purchasing power provides our clients with the best choice and quality at the best prices. We provide restaurants with the best service and ensure customers receive their goods with timely delivery in any weather conditions.


The passion and effort you put into your restaurant whether it’s the delicious food you make, or the development of a diverse menu, the décor atmosphere, and the staff you hire to work—it’s the same passion that we aspire to emulate and bring to you as your restaurant food supplier.


We know that money matters and that’s why we design products and services that will help your business to streamline your costs, and integrate new trends into your delicious menu. We maximize our efforts by learning how we can be most productive to find the best tools and solutions tailored for your particular restaurant.


Corporate Food Service

ZA Specialty Foods partners both with major caterers in the New York City area and directly with the company’s cafeteria by providing them with a complete selection of only the best quality organic or conventional produce.


We carry a wide range of quality items that any food service company or catering business needs. This makes us a one-stop-shop for all your product needs. And all this at a convenient and competitive price.



At ZA Specialty Foods we provide you with highly skilled product merchandising experts to help ensure our retailers maximize sales and gross profit margins during changing seasons. Our clients in the retail industry range from retail supermarket stores or convenience stores located in shopping centers, in malls, or stand-alone in busy neighborhoods in Manhattan or in other parts of the country where we provide our services.


We focus on businesses of any size being independent grocery stores and small chain, medium scale stores, or very large scale stores. Our in-store professional merchandising staff will design a new department layout or help transform your existing department so you maximize profits.


Our experienced sales staff along with our expert product merchandising team enable our retailers to continue to grow. We work closely with our clients and build a personal relationship with you. This helps us input important decisions such as product placement, promotions, and appropriate pricing for your retail store.



Healthy food is the essence of a healthy life. At ZA Specialty Foods we work closely with local hospitals and provide highly skilled product experts to help them create diet menus that are suitable for their patients. We also work closely with their team to reduce their food costs and budget.


Clear Communication

Wholesale Produce Distributors is a cooperative with 32 grower-owners located in North, Central, and South America. There is no higher priority than the establishment and smooth open communication between the cooperative family and the retailers who sell our products. Retail-based issue fast delivery allows for farm-side adjustments so items live up to our outstanding reputation, as well as ensuring supplies are always properly matched.


They all help to create healthy, thriving, and sustainable markets that benefit all. North Bay Produce is a fresh produce distributor, they are the head of a chain system that distributes fresh fruit and vegetables where and when they are needed, and which keeps everyone involved happy and satisfied.


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