Wuluh Starfruit – Acne is often considered to interfere with a person’s appearance. But don’t worry, because a group of YSU students found a formula for treating acne from starfruit. Geverlim, said Saila Rizqi, Sisca Kumaladewi, Ayu Kurnia Utami, Dwi Anggi Marini, and Aulia Erta Nafisah, named the acne drug product developed from starfruit.


Wuluh Starfruit Acne Medication Materials


According to Saila Rizqi, starfruit was chosen as the basic ingredient for acne medicine because it contains flavonoids, tannins, saponins, and triterpenoids. This compound has the ability to form complexes with bacterial proteins through hydrogen bonds which cause the structure of the cell wall and the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane to become unstable.

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Wuluh Starfruit That Grows Well

As a result, bacterial cells lose their biological activity. This makes the permeability function of bacterial cells disrupted and bacterial cells will undergo lysis which results in the death of bacterial cells, “said Saila. Starfruit plants that grow well can produce 100 to 300 fruit per tree. When the fruit is ripe, it must be harvested immediately because starfruit is prone to fall and rot.


Wuluh Starfruit For Acne Medication

The ability of the starfruit plant to produce fruit in large numbers is not proportional to its utilization, “said Sisca Kumaladewi. The ingredients needed for the manufacture of acne medicine are starfruit, 70 percent ethanol, Carbopol 940, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, methylparaben, rosewater, and distilled water.

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The Process of Making Wuluh Starfruit Extract

The manufacturing process has two stages, namely making starfruit extract and making starfruit ethanol extract gel on a Carbopol basis. The manufacture of starfruit extract begins with cleaning and cutting the starfruit, then drying it in the sun for one to two days.

After that it is immersed in an organic solvent at room temperature, filtered, and filtered. Heat the filtrate at 65 degrees Celsius until thickened then the thick extract is mixed with distilled water, then the starfruit extract becomes.


Ethanol Extract Gel Preparation

Starting with dissolving Carbopol in distilled water which is called solution A, while triethanolamine is dissolved with distilled water and is called solution B. Combine the two solutions with added methylparaben. Then add ethanol diluted with distilled water. After that, be a starfruit ethanol extract gel for acne medication.